It's My Birthday ... I Can Cry if I Want To!

Wow, how long has it been?  ... Before Christmas since I had the chance to write on my blog!  Train Wreck Mommy was complain, complain for the last several weeks about me getting out ... then I was grounded by Daddy and Mommy ... then I got them back and was born on Friday, January 7 at 8:30 p.m.

See!  Here I am above ... somewhat fresh out of the womb with my Hero ... Daddy.... and Train Wreck Mommy.  It looks like both Mommy and I need to hit the spa and spray tans, immediately.  Poor Mommy.  I saw her insides out on her belly when I was being born!  That one has to hurt.  She must love me.

So I have lots to catch everyone up on ... my birth, my hospital stay (and everyone I had to fire), my new home with my brother the feline, and this crazy E.A.S.Y. schedule Mommy put me on.  I'm also waiting on Mommy to go through and organize 10.5 billion photos of me too (and for her to wake up and stop complaining about her tree truck legs!  Love you, Mommy!)...

Speaking of my EASY schedule, right now it is Sleep time... but soon it is EAT time, which is really the best time.  More soon!

xo - Mad Max

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Meredith said...

Hang in there Max! You look awfully dapper in your first family portrait with that beautiful blue backdrop Mommy is holding you in front of! She even had Daddy accessorize to match! I can't wait to hear more adventures!

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