Keep Mad Max Weird: Austin (Post 1)

Last week we went on a vacation to Austin (my first out of town overnight trip!), and Daddy treated us to the Four Seasons Austin (thanks to help from our good friend, Mer! xo).  Only Luxury for this Super Infant!  Austin was quite an adventure with Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero, Daddy... let's start with Ramona Eyes.

First we went to Kerbey Lane Cafe (and went several times) to munch on some veggie food with the hippies.  What?  No food for Mad Max?  How did I get these two chins then?  Ramona eyes at you!

Where is Mad Max?  There I am above on my bed at the Four Seasons.  Hah!  Who is on my bed?  Why that is Guadalupe of course!  My Chickpea toy from Toy Joy. Hippie Hipster Super Infant!  I still drink my Scotch though.  Irony.  We also enjoyed vegan ice cream at Toy Joy.  You heard me right, vegan. ice. cream.

By the way, this wasn't really my bed ... (some of the time).  The Four Seasons treats Super Infants right!  They brought me my very own crib, pail for my pee pee and poo poo pants, and bath items.

I went swimming for the first time with Daddy in the Four Seasons pool.  Daddy, Daddy, it's called w-a-t-e-r.  That starts with a "w."  Mommy keeps saying ... Max that starts with an "M."  Okay, Mommy ... that starts with a "T" for Train Wreck!

I love swimming with you, Daddy!

Resort life ... this is what I am talking about!

My first trip to the Flagship / Original Whole Foods in Austin.  This was the first of 5,000 trips on vacation!

I have my Super Hipster shades on from Auntie Tam.  Love you!

Look at Mad Max the Super Mad Scientist at the Austin Nature and Science Center.

Bird feet bigger than my feet?  I'm staying away from that flying poo.

Yes, that's right.  Dino bones were found in Tejas.  Mad Max the nerd.

Bear eating hand = Ramona eyes.

What happens after we leave the Austin Nature and Science Center and the 1,000 degree heat?  This.

Which also means we get to go to the Daily Juice!

What's in your drink Daddy?

More Austin posts to come soon!  What vacation are you taking this summer?

-Mad Max

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Anonymous said...

Again: chest hair at its best! I love your wet fur!

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