Art Thursdays: I see blue ... I see red.

Train Wreck Mommy said we are having Art Thursdays together!  Mommy, don't we see art each day ... everywhere?

Today we went with JCranc to the The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to see the Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in Space and Time exhibit.  Mommy kept asking me about the art because I am her Super Infant Art Critic, and JCranc kept jumping around the works of art like she had a dirty pampy.  Here we are before going to see the show ...

Can't you tell from the photo above that I was not very thrilled to begin with?  So what did I think of the show?  Well, I vomited on the floor.  That's what I thought of the show.  Hah!  Kidding.  Or ... am I?  Let's just say the LSD room was the highlight, but Mommy was like "you can't get ADHD!" ... spoiling the fun.

We also checked out the Charles Ledray exhibit.  Um.  Very.  Interesting.  Discarded itty bitty clothes turned into art.  Mad Max likes.  What does it mean to you?  And why tiny clothes?  And did you see the poor bear covered in black goo?  Hoodie bear, I will never treat you like that!  So what do your material possessions mean to you?

Afterwards we went to run some errands at Rice Village and ate at the Black Walnut Cafe.  It was a great start to our Art Thursdays, Mommy!  I will try not to poo all over you next time when we get home (but at least I saved it for home, right?).

-Mad Max

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