Dad's Day!

I started this a while ago ... but with all the drama with our AC (I think the Grandparents were doing that so we had to stay with them), vacations, and my social calendar, I am just now finishing it up.  Enjoy!

I had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with my hero, my Daddy ... and both of my Grandpas!  How did you celebrate?  What are your favorite Daddy memories or things you like to do with your Dad?  I love my Daddy because ... he always makes me laugh, he flies me in the air like Superman, he makes me the best homemade food, and he pours a good Scotch!

Here I am above with my Pops and Daddy.  I love you Pops!  I can't wait to beat you at golf.  I mean play with you.

Pops loved the art I made him.  You can put your Scotch on that.

I'm watching Daddy intently to see if he likes what I made him ...

Train Wreck Mommy didn't get a good photo of Dad's present I made him (we will have to do that, Mommy!).  I composed him a SONG on the piano with Gramby.  My first song for Daddy is framed!  Along with my handprints ... we will be hanging it in our townhome soon.  Move over Bieber.  Or is it Beiber?

Superdad!  My Dad is so super that he flew out of Candelari's Father's Day lunch together to take care of the AC (for the 1,000th time).  Don't worry, Daddy... Gpa J made sure that your food did not go to waste.

I've been busy (obviously).  I made Daddy a framed photo that has an underwater theme.  My hero, my Daddy, is a scuba diver.  We are going to put a photo from my first swim with Daddy in the frame.

Vegan pizza!  Yum!  Nothing beats the mush the Train Wrecks feed me though.

Gpa J (Grampi) also got a handmade tile, but where are the photos?  Daddy is more of a Train Wreck than Mommy when it comes to photos.  Here I am sweating it out (as usual) in my pampies.  I love you Grampi!  I can't wait to save you when we go scuba dive (well, Mom said I can just snorkel).  Boring!

What Father's Day stories do you have to share?

-Mad Max

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