I Love My Auntie Tam!

Mad Max has been away from the blog lately ... sorry about that!  I had a very busy weekend.  My Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael came to visit me this past weekend.  Then on Sunday it was Gpa J (Grandpi's) Birthday.  Then last night Mommy went out with her friends to Little Bigs and Liberty Station without me, and she wouldn't let me blog.  Mommy, you know Liberty Station is my spot!

First, Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael's visit ... here is our reaction when we saw each other (me ... and then Auntie Tam):

We did all kinds of fun stuff with each other all weekend.  Here we are at Gma A's (Gramby's) playing at my Gym:

Composing at my play piano:

I just started eating "big people food"... although it's bright orange and mushy, so I don't know what kind of big people eat this.  Despite my face, I love all of the homemade food my Daddy makes me!  You try it first, okay, Auntie Tam?

On Friday we went with Train Wreck Mommy and Gramby to eat at Barcenas Mexican Restaurant and we went to paint pottery at The Painted Potter.  I had to show Auntie Tam the ropes since I'm a pottery painting regular.  I'd show you our masterpieces, but that would spoil some surprises!  We also went to Carter's, and Auntie Tam picked me up all kinds of new stylish digs.  Thanks, Auntie Tam!

Auntie Tam also danced up a storm for me.  Boy was that a sight to see ... 

We celebrated her Bday a few weeks late with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.

I spoiled Auntie Tam with the Savvy Auntie Book, a Birthday Plate I made from The Mad Potter, and Mommy got her a Philosophy set.

Here I am below with "Uncle" Timmy and Auntie Tam.

And with "Auntie" Tara and "Uncle" Justin ... it was nice to meet y'all!  Congrats on your recent engagement.  Justin went to HS with my Auntie Tam.

Haha, Uncle Michael.  Are you going to fall?  Hold on tight!

Be sure to check out Auntie Tam's blog for her posting about our weekend together: walks with Bella.  Be sure to comment on both and follow us!

-Mad Max

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