Beyond the ABCs

For our first day of summer (well the first "work" day of summer) Mommy and I went to Baby Time at the Houston Public Library - Downtown with Gma J (Mimi).

Let's just say all parties involved were train wrecks ... so I found it to be the perfect time to take a cat nap in my sling.  You would think Mommy would wake me up just in time for Baby Time, but we missed most of  it (the stories, the songs, etc) .... poor Mommy and Mimi were trying to figure out how to check out my 10 books and trying to find the Baby Time location.  (Embarrassing).  I still love you though!

I did however have a great time during the "play time" portion of Baby Time.

At first we were a bit weary ... Mommy and I just observed from afar.  Let's pretend like we are reading Mommy!

I'm not too sure about the kids, Mommy.

Here I am above checking out the toys with Mimi.

Hey, Mimi ... where did everyone go?  Putting away the toys so quickly really put me in a mood.  Mommy said it brought out my best cranky pants.  Or maybe it was the 103 degree weather.

Luckily we got to meet Daddy for lunch at Cabo.  That always cheers me up!  

Overall it was a great start to the summer ... Captain Cranky Pants and the Train Wrecks!  Stay tuned for more adventures.

-Mad Max

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