Happy 5 Month Bday To Me

Mommy and I had a pretty good day celebrating my Bday.  We did our deep sea diving, writing and reading, and more.

Mainly I just wanted to cry, have Mommy hold me tight, and nap.  Mommy wanted to take 1,000 photos and try to sneak in watching the Casey Anthony Trial (okay, Mommy ... yes, we are crime fighters).

Oh, and I did something new today ... first I did an explosive poo all over myself and Mommy... it was so bad, Mommy had to change her shirt.  Before she got her new shirt on, WHAM - hit her with a big vomit.  See?  I love you, Mommy.

Here are just a few photos from my Bday:

I'm wearing my deep sea diving outfit that Gma and Gpa A (Gramby and Pops) got me from Baby Gap. I also got a cool hat and shark socks ... !!  Photos to come soon.

Mommy said I use to look tiny in my Super Rocker.  Okay, Mommy.

Daddy always makes me laugh.  Here we are deep sea diving (obviously).

-Mad Max

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