Art Thursdays: Is That Hair On My Cheese?

As you may remember from last week, Train Wreck Mommy and I are doing "Art Thursdays" this summer ... (and from what I've heard ...this may continue beyond summer ... with all of her mumblings).  Be sure to check out our Art Thursday from last week if you missed it.

We went to The Menil Collection.  It was actually my second visit.  I'm really trying to hone my craft of being a successful Super Infant Art Critic.  I don't think I blogged about my first visit because Mommy of course was a Train Wreck when we went back to school.  But I will share with you a photo from our first visit at the Menil with Daddy.

Tomorrow I will go ahead and share a few more photos from my first visit.

I don't have any photos from the Menil to share from today because 1) Mommy is a Train Wreck, 2) We were alone, 3) It was 1,000 Degrees, and 4) There are some crazy rules about taking photos in the museum.  So that all adds up, right?

So a few highlights though from our Art Thursday at the Menil.

1) I saw a piece of hairy cheese.  One may ask ... how is this art?  What does it mean?  What is the artist trying to say?  Why is the hair so long?  But instead, I of course asked ... how might that hair look on top of my head?

Be sure to read more about the artist, Robert Gober, and the hairy cheese.

2) Considering the fact that it's been 1,000 degrees in Houston for what seems like at least two months straight, Upside Down, Arctic Realities was more than your typical art experience.  You must read about it and go visit for yourself.  The exhibition space is transformed into an arctic place of wonder ... displaying artifacts from of course arctic regions of the world.  Mommy and I were experiencing and discussing the masks when I was so comfy that I fell asleep in my sling, dreaming of a colder climate.

3) Mommy also treated me to a new book, Andy Warhol's Colors.  He is one of my favs.

And finally, I also enjoyed meeting and discussing art with Mommy's friends and old co-workers from the Menil - Jennifer and Amy.  I'm glad you got to see me!

Then we met Mommy's friend Brownie at Cafe Brasil, and we also went to check out the best bookstore in Houston, Domy.  We tried to be artsy with our photos:

We have some work to do, huh, Mommy?

And I did crazy eyes with Brownie:

Stay tuned tomorrow I'll share photos and memories from my first visit to the Menil.

Do you have art days with your Super Kids?  What do y'all do?  

Do you have any favorite cafes in your city?

-Mad Max

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