The Boys

Summer with Train Wreck Mommy is finally here!  We'll have many adventures to share with you.  And also in the meantime, we have many blogs to catch you up on.

"Auntie" Eek's family came to visit about a week ago... I finally got to meet them!  Auntie Eek, Uncle Carl ...and my buddies, Dylan and Reid.  Reid and I share the same birthday month - Jan 2011.  Here are a few photos from our vomit-filled afternoon:

Dylan, Auntie Eek, and Distracted Mad Max

Quick ... Reid!  Let's look at our feet.

Hey, Reid!  Let's look somewhere else... no need to look at the camera. 


Reid, you are safer over there.  I go crazy town in my new underwater gym.

-Mad Max

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