Happy Father's Day and Sweating in my Diapers

I also call my diapers ... my pampies (even though I don't even wear Pampers).  I wear nothing, I say!  Haha ... (Actually I usually wear Seventh Generation Diapers that Train Wreck Mommy and Hero Daddy buy on

But I am getting off topic ... I'm sorry I was away for more days than I thought I would be.  Our AC went crazy (and it's 1,000 degrees outside, as Mommy would say)... so we had to take off to Gma and Gpa A's house for several days (thanks for putting up with the Train Wreck and her sidekicks!) ...and of course Mommy left my laptop at home.  Wow.  At least I am back.  I will share with you a photo from today when we returned home ... the AC was still broken (see: sweating in my pampies), but it is now fixed.

Happy F1RST Father's Day to my Daddy, my hero!  I love you!  And of course also Happy Father's Day to Gpa J (Grampi) and Gpa A (Pops)!  Love you both.

My real Father's Day positing will come soon.  I will show you how much Scotch we drank between all of us.  Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

How do you keep cool this summer ... ?  How did you celebrate Father's Day?

-Mad Max

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