Happy Birthday Grampi

This past Sunday we went to visit Gma and Gpa J for Grampi's Birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Apparently feeding me a bottle is a modeling affair ... do I take photos when you eat, Mommy?

Let's focus people, focus.

I also had a small photo shoot with the cousins (Corryn and Ri-Bear) ... aka Mom took about 1,000 photos and Ri-Bear decided to show off her gymnastic skills.

Hey ... to the right of me, leg down, kid.

Nice modeling face, Corryn.

Wow, Mom.  What are we eating lately?  Look at my cheeks!

Hand down, Gus.  Hand down.  Love yah ladies!  Until next time ...

How do you like to spend family birthdays?  Do you have any awkward photos with cousins (inappropriately holding their legs in the air)?

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-Mad Max


Rosemary said...

I love the Mad Max Cheeks! I also think that TW Mommy would enjoy : and

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Rosemary, thanks for following, visiting, and posting! I think I am eating well, haha. Thanks for the blog suggestions. I will let TW Mommy know.

xo - Mad Max

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