Am I Dreaming ... or Do I Smell PIzza?

Now that I'm over 6 weeks old ... (7 weeks just yesterday), I'm more of a Social Super Infant.

Earlier this week Daddy took me ... and of course Mommy to one of Mommy's favorite places to eat in Houston, Star Pizza.  (And the bigger question is, where doesn't Mommy like to eat?) ...

See, here I am ... I thought I was dreaming about pizza, but then I woke up in my Super Sling (or Super Sack as I call it)... and Mommy was practically dropping pizza on my head.  Well, she was more careful about that since it was hot... but I did get a small taste of her Caesar Salad.  Yum!

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra said...

I love how your little noggin is starting to poke out of TW's sling! Mighty Max, you are growing so fast!!

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