My Buddy Ben

On Saturday my buddy Ben came to visit ... he's the first baby that I've seen since the ol' Hospital days.

We already had something in common:

I'm a Super Infant, but man this guy is BIG ... but he is about 6 months older than me.  Don't you fear fans, I will catch up! 

I'm in what Train Wreck Mommy calls my "food coma..."  (I take after my Mommy).  I'm not sure what Ben's deal is ...

Nice pics, Mom.  Ben's probably thinking "who is this muscle man passed out on top of me?"...

Ben's parents are Daddy's friends from college ... Tony and Ann.  Here we all are together.  Activity Time!

Here we are in my room at my Pee Pee and Poo Poo table.  Hey, guys ... this isn't a strip show!  Next time, I'll charge yah!

Ben has fancy tricks like "sitting up... "  Just wait, Ben!  Just wait... hey, have you seen my bicycle trick?

Thanks for coming to visit "Uncle" Tony, "Auntie" Ann, and Buddy Ben.  And thank you for the outfits.  I'll have to model them next time you come over.

-Mad Max

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