First Outing, Fake House

On Saturday, TW Mommy and Daddy and I also lived on the edge and went for my first big public outing (besides my doctor appt. and famous modeling shoot) one day over 5 weeks (a week early of the recommended 6 weeks of hobbit living).  I won't catch some scary deadly disease.  I'm a Super Infant!

We went to Cricket's Creamery and Caffe in The Heights.  Mommy and I had to get our Strawberry Milkshake fix, and Daddy loves their vegan fare.

Can you find Mad Max?

Oh, Mommy ... it's like my house just moved slightly north.  Look at us together again!  So comfy.  TW Mommy was hoping my Super Sling would save me from any bad germs flying in the air.  Really, I think it's just a cover so I'm not swarmed by TMZ and all of my fans.

-Mad Max

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