Superbowl Sundayyy!

My first Superbowl was this past Sunday ... 2/6/11.

I put on my Mad Max Texan Onesie to celebrate ... unfortunately partying with my milk resulted in me vomiting on my Superbowl outfit (again).  So I switched to my sports outfit that you see in these photos.

I can sum up the Superbowl to one word = yawn.  Where are the Texans?!  Maybe next year, guys.  I'm looking forward to off-season training!  Mad Max will be there.

Warmin' up for the Superbowl during Activity Time with Daddy.

Game time.  It would be so much more interesting if Mommy would let me see the TV screen.  She said not before my 2nd Birthday!  Wow.

-Mad Max

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