My Fans, My People ...

On Saturday I had some very special visitors in town all the way from the North Pole (or OK / Denton, TX).

Daddy's Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria came down along with their family friends - Melvin and Vicki.  They came complete with diapers and diapers wipes (and flowers for TW Mommy), so they were let in the door (thank you!).  Mad Max goes through diapers like Charlie Sheen goes through ... well, that guy is a train wreck.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria (with Super Baby of the Year)

Melvin, Vicki, Aunt Maria, and Uncle Bill ... wow, did one person not get the memo on stripes?  Thanks for pulling through Mommy.

One of these things is not like the other ... can you spot the non-Pacific Islander?

Oh, and TW Mommy knows how to get dressed.  She's just wearing my Super Sling.

Aunt Maria does a great job of getting us in every photo.  Don't we look fabulous!

Hey Ladies ... you know I'm 1/4 Filipino too!

Come visit again soon!

-Mad Max

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