It's Feb: Love is in the Air

All the ladies love to come see Mad Max ... hey, this Valentine is taken!  I still love you though.

"Auntie" Jessicana and "Auntie" Jenny blew in on Saturday full of laughter ...

Here I am above with "Auntie" Jessicana ... I even dressed up in my Rookie Baseball outfit from "Auntie" Mary.  Thank you, Mary!  (Come visit soon!).

Despite my appearances ... ahem, eyes closed and ears covered ... I love when these ladies visit, but wow, they are loud (see: ears covered) and do they like to laugh.  Mad Max is laughing with you ladies, promise!

Here I am with "Auntie" Jenny.  Volume slightly better ... still love you, Jessicana!

The ladies also brought Train Wreck Mommy a Soy Chai Latte ... our favorite.  Thank you!  TW Mommy need a lift... zombie - zombie - zombie.

Love you, Mommy!

-Mad Max


Spiffy Jenny said...

I got cuteness all over me. My cats were very intrigued with my sweater after holding Max. It's good when the crazy cat lady gets out to visit babies.

Jessica said...

I need to get some baby ear muffs cause let's face it, my volume is not going down. LOL

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