Gma A's Birthday and ... Dog? What is this dog, you say?

On Sunday I went with Mommy and Daddy to Gma and Gpa A's house for the first time.  Train Wreck Mommy ... you are doing so much better putting me in my Super Seat!  I think we are down to an hour!  Just enough time for a pitcher of Baby Margaritas.

We went to see them for Gma A's big ** Birthday!  Happy Birthday!!!!  I love you!  TW Mommy of course forgot to take photos of her gifts and ... here's the best part, her Crave Cupcakes we brought over.  I guess I am that distracting.

I got to meet a creature they call a "dog" ... aka my "cousin" Bailey Bean.  Cute, kid, but wow ...what is with the tongue affection?

I was obviously very entertained by my cousin Bailey Bean.  Love you!

I think I have stink eye in the above photo.  Train Wreck Super Infant.

Mad Max the Super Infant with Super Lips with the Birthday Grandma!

-Mad Max

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