My 1/12 Birthday

Feb. 7, 2011.  One month.  It was a blur.  All a blur.  As they say ... "it's my party, I can cry if I want to."

Oh, and did I cry.

Before I cried, however, I slept ... is there a better way to spend my 1/12th Birthday?  I mean, really?

I should mention it was a very busy and eventful 1/12th Birthday.  Train Wreck Mommy and I had important meetings (and you think I joke).  I had my Feedings, I had my Activity Time, and I had my Naps.  And Gma A came over to entertain me.  She pulls out the big guns!

She also took (along with Train Wreck Mommy) 10.5 billion photos of me.  The TMZ comes out when it's Mad Max's 1/12th Bday.

Here is one that Gma A took:

They keep wrapping this material around me that they call a "bib" to catch my excess liquids.  I'm a Super Infant!  The extra material should be a cape behind me!

"Auntie" JCranc also came over to have an important meeting with me regarding a proposal.  We rocked it, didn't we JCranc?  Thanks for visiting on my birthday.  We forgot to take a photo though.  TW.

The best part was when Daddy came home.  When Daddy comes home it's almost Man Spa Time ...which also = Super Infant Bath Time.  Who doesn't want that on their birthday?

Take a look at this face.  I may have a beard at the end of month two.

-Mad Max

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