Professional Bloggers Do Not Eat Baby Powder

So Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael were in town this past weekend.  I blame them and all my visiting fans for my lack of blogging lately!  Love y'all.

Before I get to some fan news that is much overdue ... some important news of the day.

I still plan to become a Houston Texan one day ... (don't worry, Dad).  And I still plan to go to Duke one day (don't worry, Mom) ... but I'm thinking in the meantime, I will also work on becoming a Professional Blogger.  Should I get on FB?  Twitter?  Order Super Infant Business Cards?  This morning Mommy and I were reading the New York Times as we often do during breakfast, and we came across Queens of the Mom-Blog Kingdom.  Umm, forget Mom blogs (borrr-ing!), what about Super Infant Blogs?

I think Mad Max should start following blogs.  Any recommendations?

In other news (to circle back to the title of this blog), TW Mommy has Dr. Oz (Wack Job) on ... and there are "stressed out Moms" addicted to eating baby powder.  Wow.  See what I mean ... Super Infant Blogs, so much better than Mom blogs.  Love you, Mommy!

And to catch up on my fans ...

Last week Gma A and "Auntie" Jackie (TW Mommy's Aunt) came to visit me!  We did some Activity Time, went to Paulie's for lunch, and went to see the new Baby's 1st Furniture on Kirby (and when we returned home I had a strong bottle of whiskey and beat them at poker).  Come visit again soon!!

Last Friday "Auntie" Alicen came to visit us too.  Thanks for bringing us delicious lunch from W Grill.  But I heard there were Margaritas to go ... ?  Mad Max likes them with salt for future reference.

Come again soon!  Or maybe I'll see you when you pick me up for March Madness.  You know I put the "Mad" in March Madness, right?

More soon!

-Mad Max

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