I Took To The Bottle So Well ... I Should Be In Rehab

This past Saturday ... Daddy gave me my first bottle since Train Wreck Mommy and I go back to work in about a month.  (She's claiming I'm not going to work, but we'll see about that!).

TW Mommy told Daddy ... "I may need to leave the room ... so he takes the bottle."

"If he doesn't take it, don't worry ... it's not your fault, we will try again."

"You should drop some milk on his lips first, so he'll try to latch on to the bottle."

And so on, and so on ...

Oh, Mommy ... I took to that bottle quicker than Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan takes to (insert your substance / debauchery of choice).

So when are we going out for (veggie) burgers and fries?

-Mad Max

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