Mommy Tips and Tricks: Registries

Something is in the water.  Everyone is pregnant lately.  Beware.

Several of our friends and fans have asked Mommy lately ... where did you register?  Mad Max is here to help get you started ... I'm going to show you some retro pics to go along with information on

Crancer is one friend above that is needing to / working on registering.  Congrats "Auntie" Crancer!  I can't wait to show Christopher the ropes.  Here I am with her in the hospital.  Looking a little bloated (me, not Crancer).

Train Wreck Mommy and I registered at Giggle.  If you have a super hip urban fetus that appreciates high design and eco-friendly items, this is the place for you!  What did Mommy and I like best?  Their super nicely designed website, uber easy to use, great registry checklist (we used it for all of the registries!), helpful reviews, and the products are just the best.  You can find products on here that you can't find anywhere else.  Some of the products you can find elsewhere for cheaper, so just do your comparison shopping.  Or hire an assistant like I did (thanks Mommy!).

One thing to note, they may not have a free-standing store near you, but who shops in the store now anyways?

Photo: I am in my Take Me Home Gift Set (Organic Cotton) from giggle.  This was one of our favorite items from giggle.  Mommy said (for us) a take home outfit is a must!

We also registered at Target.  This place is also great for your super hip urban fetus that appreciates high design, and Target basically has nearly everything you need.  (As I'm sure you already know).  Be sure you have a checklist before you start registering on-line because there is so much to choose from.  I think you already know why Target is so awesome.

The downside is they don't have as much in the store to look at ...but again, don't we all shop on-line?

Here I am above as a wee one (aww I know) in my Kolcraft Contours Bassinet.  A bassinet is a nice to have if your baby is in your room with you, and also Mommy was scared to put me in the big boy crib.  My bassinet right now is with Oliver.  He just arrived within the last week (Mommy's friend from work is the Daddy to Oliver).  Congrats!  Don't poo in my bed!  Haha.  

Don't forget to do your research on some products!  Gramby helped us check for safety ratings and reviews for some of the most important products on Consumer Reports.

We also registered at Pottery Barn Kids.  This store is great for your super sweet babies that appreciate quality and personalized products.  We did most of our registering on their website, but we also picked several items in their store.  They have a nicely designed and easy to use website.  And if you've ever been in their store, it's the same experience!  What do we like best about Pottery Barn Kids?  Mommy and I found my nursery bedding there: Sweet Lambie Nursery Bedding (Organic).  See photo above.

What else do we like?  Personalized items (and quality products!).

Downside ... there isn't really a downside.  Some of their items can be pricey, but they are worth it.  They also offer great sales.  Just do your research on items you can find elsewhere!


Mommy and I would also recommend: diapers.comLand of Nod ... and for your super luxury babies maybe Serena and Lily and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child (which Restoration may be along the same lines as Pottery Barn Kids, but we could be wrong).

Where did you register?  Let us know!

Contact us with any additional questions.

-Mad Max

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