Weekend Update: Retro Edition

Hello World, I'm slowly but surely joining reality with catching up on my blogs ... 

So I begin my "Weekend Update" from LAST weekend in the ball pit at the Children's Museum of Houston (Thank You to Gma and Gpa J (Mimi and Grampi) for my CMH Membership!) ... 

At first ... I was thinking what the ... where the ... am I?

Realization hits ... yay, ball pit!

I shall throw these balls everywhere!  I shall put them in my mouth and get a viral infection!

Here I am "driving" a "car" at the museum in TOT SPOT.  Umm, Train Wrecks!  Where are my shoes?


Focusing on the ... well, not the road.

Now this was my favorite spot at TOT SPOT.  A DOOR!

Doors are my favorite at home.  I love to lock Train Wreck Mommy in the closet.

And I love to lock my brother, the feline, out of his room.

And let's not forget locking My Hero Daddy in the bathroom!

But check out this door, just my size!  A doorbell and everything.

I shall whistle at myself and get a viral infection all at the same time!

Wait ... a nasty fever comes with that viral infection?

Later ... 

Here I am with Daddy enjoying one of my favorite books (by Dr. Seuss of course) in my room.  Oh, and I am eating my Bible.  Of course.

Hey, hey, hey now ...

I finally get to use a real toothbrush with toothpaste!  

In the bathtub?

Daddy, I think I am ready to move out of my Whale"y" tub, by the way.

We had a busy weekend that weekend ... we also got a new jogging stroller.

Now ... I just need to convince Mommy to use it for jogging (and not to the ice cream shop).

Okay, now that we had two Weekend Updates in a row ... (and Birthday posts to come).. let's go ahead and ask, what are you looking forward to this COMING weekend?

-Mad Max

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