Weekend Update: Step Forward And Other Things I Did Without Scotch

How was your weekend ... ?  Mine was your standard weekend ...

Lots of eating ... yummm Mad Max loves oatmeal!  Check out my big bowl (joking, Daddy stuck his bowl in my photo).

Lots of drinking, ahem.

Lots of 'round town.  I had a YES Prep Family Meet Up at the Children's Museum with Train Wreck Mommy.  Thanks for all that joined us!  Joseph, great times in the ball pit.

I also managed to drive again.  Euro style.  Ladies kept hoppin' in the car with me (of course).  I kept honking and honking.  Poor Joseph was too busy playing with the wheels to notice my honking.

I played with my blocks aka prepared to be a future architect, possibly.

And finally ... drum roll, please ... I messed up my room!

Joking... I stood on my own this weekend!

Here is Daddy of course trying to capture a photo of this event.  Zoom, Daddy.  Zoom.

Well, really, not only that, but on Sunday morning a took my FIRST STEP all by myself.  Then I stopped.  I like to keep the fans waiting.  Plus, I think I needed more Scotch in my sippy cup.

How was your weekend?  Did you go any interesting places around town?

Or take any important steps forward?

More soon!

-Mad Max

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