One Year Doc Appt: Dexter Baby

I think some might argue I am now a Super Toddler, but Train Wreck Mommy is in denial... (and she can argue that I am not toddling on my own yet, just wait Mommy!).

I have at least two blogs to finish about my big 1st Birthday Celebration, so stay tuned!  In the meantime ...

This week I went to the doc for my One Year appointment.  Somehow I ended up with my pants off?

This is my serious face with serious Dada.  Train Wreck Mommy seemed to have snapped only 50 pics instead of 100, so I think we are lacking on the awesome pics.  It's okay, Mommy!  Ahem.

Here My Hero Daddy is reading to me while we are waiting ... 

Umm, were did my pants go?

Obviously it's a really good book.  Hey guys, I'm reading Chapter books now!

Cold scale, no pants.  Not.  Working.  By the way, I don't think my red socks match the red in my shirt.  Wow.

I'm up to 20.125 lbs now!  Beat that!  Actually, the Train Wrecks thought I weighed more because I'm a fighter, but I'm solid ... but light.  I'm also up to 30".  Train Wreck Mommy said I can ride roller coasters in Disney World this summer!

Here I am right after they took blood from my finger.  It was so interesting!  We heart Dexter.

Everything after this point was a blurrrrrr .... there was waiting ... and more waiting.  There was poking and prodding and gushing over how I was a Super One Year Old.

A few tid bits to share ... The Super Doc said I had Super Blood!  Seriously.  Must be all that great vegan food Daddy makes for me.

She also said I could eat peanut butter (and almost anything) now.  (Wow, that stuff is good.  Mommy and Daddy treated me that night.)

She said I could sleep with a blanket now... (hello!)... finally, I am not shivering to death all night.  But really, who needs a blanket when you are a Super One Year Old?  But I've now been sleeping with a blanket that "Auntie" Viola made.

The doc also said I needed to wean from the bottle by 15 months (umm, not too sure about that... Scotch for life), and I needed to wean from the paci by 15 months or by 3 years.  We'll have to talk about this one later.  Finally, no formula (only Scotch), and I get to brush my teeth in the bath tub (odd, I know).

How was your last doc appt?

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-Mad Max

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