My 1st Birthday Celebration: Details

Train Wreck Mommy and I literally have 1,000,000s of photos to go through for my 1st Birthday Celebration.  Wow.

I am going to start with focusing on the details of the party ... it's in all the details!

Mommy worked very hard with Gramby (Gma A), Mimi (Gma J), Auntie Tam, and "Auntie" Viola to finalize the details!  A special thanks to y'all for loving me, Mad Max, so much!  A few special shout outs: 

A special shout out to Gramby for going above and beyond and using her awesome crafting skills to make me many personalize items for my party.  She also made me delicious coffee cake!  You will see more below.  I don't know about you, but I like starting out my day with an double espresso and coffee cake.

A special shout out to Mimi for using her baking skills to bake me many, many, and many wonderful breakfast treats for my morning party at the Houston Zoo.

A special shout out to Auntie Tam for all of her help with the party planning and her delicious, um, (zebra print!) cake balls.  Be sure to check out her website for her new event planning and styling company, ever swoon.  (You can also find ever swoon on Facebook and Twitter!).

A special shout out to "Auntie" Viola for helping Mommy craft several nights, even though she couldn't even make it to the party (out of town).  We missed you!

And last, but not least... a special shout out to Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero Daddy for throwing me such a great celebration.  Enjoy the details below, and check back soon for more on my party!

Round tables: Since my party was at the Zoo, the theme was animal print / Zoo animals.  Gramby made the center piece signs (and Mommy made the Sophie and Max design throughout the party).  We also placed animals and animal cards throughout the round tables (loved by my young fans!).

The plants were from Lowes.  The animal cards were from Michaels, and the animals were from Michaels and Target (dollar bins!).  

Much of the other party supplies (table clothes, paper plates, etc.) was either from Green Party Goods or Arnes.  We tried to be as "green" as possible for the event.

On this table: Munny for my guests to sign; cakes; gift bags; animal masks; and 1 year photos.

My favorite: don't you love the sign of my name that Gramby made for me?  Great job!!   Do you think I should hang it in my room?

1 year professional photos by Erin Carlyle.  She rocks!

I will smile more next time.  Promise.

Mommy and "Auntie" Viola made gift bags for wee ones (under 3) and bigger tikes (over 3).  Don't you love the "Thank You" card they made for me?  Mommy made the design.  She's going to start working on designs for your young ones that you can purchase!  More soon.

Gift bag supplies bought at Amazon and Michaels.

The animal masks were a huge hit (more photos to come!).

Masks should be required at every party.  Who wants to be their own self anyways?  Really?  

Animal masks from Amazon.

Mommy and Daddy got me a delicious vegan cake from Whole Foods.  Cookies and Creme!

Candle from Whole Foods, and the customized Max cake topper is by Goose Grease.  They also made Mommy and Daddy's wedding cake toppers!

Guest cake from Whole Foods Market.  Guests describe it as "stupid good."

More food!

I have to point out the most important part of this table.  Gramby (of course) made me the awesome one year banner - a photo from each month.  She did a great job, and I love it!

We just ran out of room for our food!

This table had mini Crave Cupcakes (with the number 1), zebra print cake balls by Auntie Tam, and coffee cake by Gramby.

Mimi made me so much delicious breakfast food!  Thank you for turning your home into a baking factory!

I should also point out that Mommy found some organic juice boxes for the kids at Amazon.  

The happy, crazy family.

The Mad Max.  By the way, this was literally my first bite of sweets.  But not my last.

So what do you think?  Do you have any events coming up that you are planning?

Mommy is thinking about working with Auntie Tam (ever swoon) and another Houston friend to plan kids events.  Thoughts?

Be sure to click on follow for my blog and leave comments!  I look forward to hearing from you.

More soon on my special celebration!

-Mad Max


AshleyDenson said...

Love it! Excited to see more, great job everybody! You know...I'm in Houston and have three kids, all of which have at least one birthday a year lol... I may see a connection here... :')

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Ashley, thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry I just saw this comment. I will post the rest of my birthday blogs by this weekend at the latest!

-Mad Max

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