Weekend Update: My First Run And More

Hello Fans ... We've been the Train Wreck Family lately!  Mommy has been under the weather (of course!  She is back at school!) ... I had a nasty fever this week (turns out, a viral infection), and now My Hero "I don't get sick" Daddy is fighting a cold.

With that said ... Mommy and I are still working on my remaining 1st Birthday posts - stay tuned!  It's taking a while because of the amount of photos (and Mommy is slow).

In the meantime, it was quicker for me to put together the Weekend Update posts.  My first Houston Rockets Fun Run!  Okay, okay, Mommy and I did the walk with "Auntie" Alicen (and Daddy did the 5k), but still, I think it counts.  I beat Mommy!

Here we are before we left for the Rockets Run.  Wow, maybe next time I won't wear my PJ pants.  I'm wearing my Clutch Bear beads that I won last year from Clutch.  Mommy, open your eyes!

Here I am with Dada right before the run.

Auntie Alicen, me, and Train Wreck Mommy.

Daddy and his friends.

Deep thoughts by Clutch Bear's biggest fan!

And it begins!

Here I am surrounded by my girlfriends... aka the Rockets Power Dancers.  Am I already leaning towards blondes?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Train Wreck Mommy and I made it to the court!  (As did Alicen ... she is taking our photo).

What did I do after my F1RST big race?  This!  The rest of my weekend is pretty much a blur ... hung out at home, some errands here and there ... and I went on a long walk to the Heights on Sunday.

The Train Wrecks and I also did our weekly Sunday Whole Foods trip.  I picked up some peanut butter (my latest fav), and I wore my Owl(ie) hat from "Auntie" Alicen.  Daddy said I look like a girl, but either way ... do you know how many women stopped to gawk at me!  A few more than usual!

I wore it to SongPlay music class too.

OH ... in all the race hoopla, I almost forgot to mention ...

I stood up for the F1RST time without holding on to anything (and I clapped for myself).  Train Wreck Mommy was a little too slow in catching a pic or video *yet*.

How was your weekend?  Any big milestones?

-Mad Max

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