Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Birthdays = Cupcakes

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?  Any big celebrations?  Vday Celebrations?

The highlight of my weekend was celebrating Gramby's (Gma A's) birthday with Pops (Gpa A), Train Wreck Mommy, and My Hero Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Gramby!

Happy Birthday, Gramby!

We celebrated by hanging out with Gramby and Pops ... and we went to dinner.

Here I am above helping Gramby open her gift.  You're welcome, Gramby!

We got Gramby a nice gift set from Origins - their Ginger products.  Use this stuff and your skin can be as soft as mine!  Seriously.

We also got Gramby a nice Papyrus card from Target.  These are Train Wreck Mommy's favorite cards.

Most importantly birthdays are not complete without cupcakes ... wouldn't you agree?  Unfortunately Train Wreck Mommy tipped over the box (ahem, big surprise), so I don't know that our Crave Cupcakes were looking fabulous enough for photos.  But we always buy Crave Cupcakes for important events ... Mommy and Daddy's Wedding ... my 1st Birthday ... and more!

Here's a photo of my (mini) 1st Birthday Crave Cupcakes.

What are your favorite cupcakes?  Do you like cake or cupcakes to celebrate birthdays?

Happy Birthday again, Gramby!  I love you.

-Mad Max

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