Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Family, Friends, and Fans,

How are you celebrating today?

I started celebrating a tad earlier yesterday evening.  Mimi and Grampi (Gma and Gpa J) sent a few Valentine's surprises home with me (thank you!), and Mimi made Train Wreck Mommy some yummy cherry pie (that my brother, the feline, likes to eat too) and vegan pumpkin bread for My Hero Daddy.  (Double yum!  They say thanks again!).

Mimi did a great job of wrapping gifts.  Isn't wrapping paper the best?  Bag + Tissue Paper = Mad Max is fascinated.  Umm, Mummy, where are my pants?

Thank you for my Eric Carle Bath Squirts!  I used them last night.  And I am happy to report that they can swim.

And thank you for my Vtech Rhyme and Discover Book.  Lights, singing, and literature go hand in hand!

How are you celebrating with your loved ones today?  What about your TOTS and WEE ONES?

Besides my suggestions above, I would have to say lots of kisses (hugs) and chocolate go well for Valentine's Day (even for the tots and wee ones).  Now generally tots and wee ones probably don't eat a whole lot of chocolate (vegan for me), so here are some ideas ... what are yours?

For your Tots ... 
Mommy and I like Melissa and Doug's Cupcake Kit - thank you Cool Mom Picks (and we actually got this set for Cousin Corryn for Christmas)!  I'm not sure that my Daddy would be too keen on me playing with a cupcake kit ... so how about another option for the boys ...

Where else could you bake with chocolate?  The ultimate: Pottery Barn Kids - Red Retro Kitchen Set.  Be sure to check out their site for some more fun baking options.

My Hero Daddy, this set would match my Radio Flyer wagon and car perfectly!

For your Wee Ones ... 

Mommy and I generally aren't big Hershey fans (as far as quality of chocolate), but really who could pass this up?  Now if we can just dip that baby in some peanut butter.  Get in my belly, baby!  We found this newborn hat on cloth and crown's Etsy page.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'd love to hear how you are celebrating.  Feel free to comment!

-Mad Max

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