What's Your Next Stop?: Nature Calls

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans ...

Now on Wednesdays I'm going to bring you "What's Your Next Stop?" ... Urban tips and tricks (and more) for exploring culture in the city with your family.  First stop?  My pampie.

Joking.  The first stop is not my pampie, but I thought it fit well with the "nature calls" theme.  Ahem.  By the way, it looks like I need to work out my arms, right?

But in all seriousness ...

Mommy and I organize a YES Prep Family Meet Up group two Saturdays a month.  This coming Saturday we are meeting at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

So my question to you is ... how do you incorporate nature into your family?  When was the last time you visited your local park or nature center?  What did you do there?  

Tips below.  Of course some tips can be used for different or all age groups too!

Wee One Tip: Take a walk, and point out and describe everything you see.  Talk about everything that you see that relates to the 5 senses.  They may just "hoot" back!  (I personally love to point at trees and say "whoo" which means "tree."  Obviously).

Tot Tip: Touch and feel!  Explore nature through touch.  How many hard items can you find?  What are they?  How many soft items?  What are they?  Can you classify the items together?

Kid Tip: Go beyond classifying items together by creating a nature journal.  Visit this resource from the National Wildlife Federation to begin your nature journal.

Tween Tip: Explore nature through a tween's favorite toy: technology / an app.  Mommy and I downloaded Project Noah, and we've heard great things (but we haven't used it yet).  Do you have any app suggestions?

Teen Tip: Try connecting nature and art!  Many teens love taking photos (especially with their smart phones).  Capture the beauty of nature through photography.  You can even enter a National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest.

And finally, don't forget to explore the local offerings at your park or nature center such as at the Houston Arboretum.

Don't let the nature fun stop when you go home.

Explore nature through a classic such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Really.  Seriously.  Fun for all ages.

And start a mini urban garden with the kiddos.  I personally love the idea of personalizing pots with either the kids names and plants.

You can find these Mini Chalkboard Pots on Etsy.  Shout out to Train Wreck Mommy for her help with the blog today.

How do you like to enjoy and learn about nature?

-Mad Max

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