Mad Style: Yeeeeeehaw!

Happy February Fans!  You know what time it is ... ?  It's almost Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time!

And that means it is time for ... Rodeo Animals (and me pointing and going "oohhh!!"), Suburbanites in Chaps, and Fried Goodness (Train Wreck Mommy's fav) .. among other things.

You may remember my first trip to the Rodeo last year: Deep in the Heart of Texas.  I hope to stay awake for at least part of the trip this year.

In the meantime, in preparation ... Train Wreck Mommy said we need to start workin' on styling my outfit.  I told her anything to impress the Super Baby Cowgals is fine by me.  And as long as I have a pocket for my Scotch, I'm good to go.  But seriously, I'm thinking a Super Cowboy Baby / Toddler with a mix of Super Urban Hipster thrown in.... so a perfect transition would be this shirt / onesie:

I may actually have a onesie I can already wear, but if I want to be a true cowboy, I would pick this Wrangler number above.  For your "I only wear black, Mummy" urban babies, Wrangler is the brand for Cowboy babies.

Train Wreck Mommy has been obsessed for a while now with the blue and brown mix too.

So Train Wreck Mommy apparently wants to dress me as a wee baby or a GIRL.  No go.  BUT, if you are a wee baby or a Cowgal, these Wranger Diaper Covers are probably a must.

Now these are more up my alley.  These are Wrangler jeans too, but I found them on Cavender's.

Don't forget your Cowboy hat also from Cavender's.  Tip your hat to the Cowgals!

Mommy and I aren't sure if they even sell belts my size.  Any cowboys or cowgals out there know and can help a Super City Baby out?

And what is your thought on chaps?  Too much?

Last ... but not least, Cowboy boots are a must.

I'm really liking these from Small in the Saddle, but I don't think they have my size.  Mommy and I will keep looking!

Mommy will also help me put together some style ideas for the Cowgals soon.  And more blogs related to Rodeo time!

In the meantime, do you have any tips for the upcoming Rodeo?

-Mad Max

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Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Love the chaps max, and the "Mad Style" - Great new blog reno! xoxo

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