Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Two Steppin' ...

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans!  How was your weekend?

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Weekend update?

Blog Redesign.  Super Boy (Caleb's) Birthday Party.  Paulie's Restaurant.  Gearing up for Valentine's Day.  Two Steppin'.  Found My Belly.  And so much more ... (Really do you need anything beyond "Found My Belly"?

Here's a few highlights (and lowlights?) ...

Here I am at Super Boy's (Caleb's) 7 year old Birthday Party at what the Train Wrecks call a "Skating Rink"... I'm on pedophile watch right here (and Train Wreck Skating watch!  You did a great job, Mommy.  Ahem).

Happy Birthday, Caleb!  Thanks for inviting us.

Train Wreck Mommy and I are gearing up for Valentine's Day.  She got me a personalized (Max XOXO) onesie with BABY MAN leggings from Chic Couture Boutique.  My Hero Daddy is (to put it nicely) not too sure about my man "leggings" ... but is Max bringing in the ladies?

Let's just say, I have a Valentine!

Mommy and I wanted to do a Vday photo shoot outside this weekend in the city, but the weather was horrible.  Better luck next weekend!

I went with the Train Wrecks and Gramby and Pops (Gma and Gpa A) to Paulie's Restaurant.  This is one of my favorite eatin' spots in H-Town!

They have great shortbread cookies (see the Vday cookie above).

What else?

Oh yah, I took two steps forward this weekend (gearin' up for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo), and I found my belly.  

If you missed my YouTube video of when I found my belly (it's not to be missed), be sure to look at the most recent vid on my YouTube Channel: Mad Max and Family.

How was your weekend?  Find your belly, lately?

-Mad Max

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Anonymous said...

loving the new photo in your banner, max! are we going to get to see more pics from your photo shoot? hmm? also love the new colors & look. for what it's worth, the yellow on white titles for each post are a little hard for these eyes to read, though... I'm definitely not a super baby like you :(.

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