Thursday's Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Keep Calm And ...

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Thanks for visiting!  I want to give a special shout out to Train Wreck Mommy's co-workers!  Several of them told Mommy today that they read my blog (wow, do you need another prep? haha) ... in all seriousness, thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to comment!

So today is my Kids, Tweens, and Teens day ... I asked Mommy to help, but she let out a huge sigh.  One of those days, Mummy?  So I told her ...

Image above found on Pinterest via Keep Calm Shop on Etsy.

I suppose there is a lot of teenage angst this week because of VDay.  I would say my suggestion today is to cure that with a nice glass (or two) of Scotch, but I'm sure not everyone agrees with that for their child.  Go figure.

But I'm also sure that your tastes are still refined so you are obsessed with mustaches as much as we are  ...!  And most importantly, they are a big obsession with "kids these days" too.  Just ask Mommy's 8th Grade Advisory.

Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Make your younger one have extra smiles this week, or cure a little t(w)een angst with some mustache humor!

Mommy is also considering a Mustache Bash for my 2nd Birthday.  Thoughts??

Image above found on Pinterest via Sweet Perversion on Etsy.

Oh wait, there's more!

Image above found on Pinterest via Dark Silence in Suburbia.

Okay, how can your kids, tweens, and teens, not enjoy a tiny bit of mustache fun (check out Pinterest for even MORE ideas)!?  They will probably start secretly making them in their rooms while they listen to music and journal (and weep and text)!

Now I will leave you with something fun I just found on Pinterest via Simply Swanky: mustache bash ideas!  And what a fun blog find too.  I'll have to check it out some more!

Thoughts?  Mustache bash?  Mummy and I have some other themes up our sleeves though ... 

What do you think about our mustache obsession?  What is your Pinterest obsession lately?

-Mad Max


Stephanie said...

The mustache bash is such a great idea! Tell your mommy that she should definitely go with that theme! : )

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. So glad that you found our little corner of blogland. Looking forward to following along with you as well!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! The blog world is vest, but I'm so glad we found your blog. Mommy is also throwing around the idea of a Warhol or Pop Art theme...

-Mad Max

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