Thursday's Tweens and Teens: I Heart You.

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Thank you to my new followers for joining us!  I look forward to your comments.

On Thursdays we will now bring you blogs related to Tweens and Teens.  Eep, I know.  To go along with Valentine's Day like we did on Tuesday (Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Will You Be Mine?), the blog for today will also focus on Valentine's Day.  And tweens.  And teens.  Oh, the angst!

The questions I am pondering today ... how can I celebrate that special tween or teen in my life?

And / or how can we celebrate Valentine's Day as a family and make memories?

Let me ponder this by going to my bedroom, shutting the door, and listening to music.

And I'll wear all black.  And I'll listen to the Beastie Boys and wear my Brooklyn Industries onesie.  But, I digress ... 

Being that I spent the first 9 months of my life pretty much with tweens and teens, I feel as if I can be called on as an expert in this area.  So what little gift might t(w)eens enjoy on Valentine's Day?  What can you get them to show them you care?

T(w)eens are simple really: food, clothes, FOOD, shoes (which could be considered clothes, no?), FOOD, music, FOOD, each other (aka technology), FOOD (CANDY!), and angst.  Of course t(w)eens have more interest than those listed above, but I think this covers (mostly) their major priorities.

And most importantly, a Valentine (card)!

T(w)een Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 

If you want to buy an actual "gift" for your special t(w)een, might I suggest an urban shirt or pair of kicks.  They love to express themselves through their fashion, and Mad Max has great taste!

Ignore the goofball non-t(w)een.  Awesome shirt found on Threadless.  Your (male or female) t(w)een will love this because it relates to Valentine's Day and tech.  Females might like this one better.  Mad Max will find you a more male-ish shirt.  Okay, see below ... who doesn't love that?

You can also find the Cookie Loves Milk t-shirt design on Threadless.  Bonus points about Threadless: their shirts are affordable AND made by real artists / designers!

What's just as good or maybe better than a hip t-shirt?  Converse.  You can even customize your Chucks for your t(w)een.  You can't beat that!

Want to have more of a fun family experience with your t(w)een?  Good luck.  JK.

Butter them up with FOOD (pun intended).  What do t(w)eens like ... ?  What did t(w)eens like in the 1950's?  It's basically the same thing now.  Find your local burger and fries joint, and you are good to go!

If you are in Houston I highly recommend Little Bigs.  Sliders.  Shakes.  Fries.  Need I say more?  (BTW, Mommy is a huge fan ... especially of their shakes!).

After you butter them up, visit your local / indie music shop (okay, wait ... stop.... Mommy just had a discussion a few days ago with her HS art class about "cassette tapes" (don't ask)... she felt she had to explain what they were, but apparently they already KNEW what they were - go figure ..... so my point is yes, your t(w)een may only think music is available on his / her iPod, but it's never too late to expose them to the real stuff!  Before there was an iPod there was a "CD"... before there was a "CD" there was a "CASSETTE"...before there was a cassette there was a "RECORD"...or was that an "8-Track"?  I digress...).

If you are in Houston, I recommend Soundwaves which is not too far from Little Bigs.

By then your t(w)een has probably hit capacity on family time.  But if they did not, I really recommend giving back and showing love for a charity near you.  What a great way to share some love on Valentine's Day!  Email Mad Max for some tips on finding a charity that would fit your family well, or you can look on Volunteer Houston.

Last, but not least (and most importantly) ... consider giving your special t(w)een a Valentine's Day card.

Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year, so I recommend you do one of my Train Wreck Mommy's favs (that her Mommy, Gramby, did) ... a Valentine's Day note / card / art in their lunch!

One (real life) Dad takes it one step further with his Lunch Bag Art.  And Nasty A** Honey Badger.  I mean really ... can you get any better than that?  We love this blog, and what a great idea!

I can't wait until I am old enough to appreciate something like this more in person.  In the meantime, I'll drink up my Scotch in my Sippy Cup.

Do you have any special t(w)eens in your life?  

How will you show them you heart them on Valentine's day?

-Mad Max

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