Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Superhero!

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?  Are you still enjoying the weekend through Monday?  Daddy and I are enjoying Monday off (sorry, Train Wreck Mommy!).

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this weekend ... but every weekend is a Superhero kind of weekend as a Super Baby Transitioning to Toddler (more on the Superhero below).

A few personal highlights ...
  • I learned how to feed Mommy (and Dada) last week.  Thank goodness.  They looked hungry.
  • I went to Happy Hour with Mommy in a Hurricane and had a date with not one but two ladies (Original Ninfa's).
  • I stood up on my own without holding onto anything (see: Super Baby).
  • I started to bear crawl.  It makes the ladies turn their heads.
  • Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero Daddy had a (late) Valentine's date which means I had a party in my crib (They ate at Crickets Caffe and saw a movie at Edwards Houston).
  • I started doing my music class hand signals and body movements more at home.
  • And of course ... I drank, a lot, ... ate, a lot, and slept.  Would you expect anything less?

Drinking.  Scotch?


Sleeping it off.  Repeat.

Meanwhile ... Mommy ordered me a Big Boy Superhero Cape and Accessories from Totsy.  Moms and Moms-to-Be: do you use Totsy yet?  If not, run.  Don't walk to Totsy!

The one Mommy ordered was similar (but not exactly) like this one:

The Superhero Cape was found on Pinterest via Discovery Denim.

When my Supercape comes in from Totsy, I'll be sure to share photos.

The Super Kid was found on Pinterest via We Heart It.

So you might ask ... what occasion would this be used for?  Do you NEED an occasion to wear a Superhero cape?  I think not.

But, two things ... 

One, did you know that Train Wreck Mommy can dress like a Super Mom too?

Two, at least one Superhero party is a must for all boys (and girls!).  We just read about this DIY Superhero Party in Parents Magazine.

Hudson's Birthday Party via Domestic Charm.

Mommy and I plan to send in photos from my 1st Birthday Zoo Bash to Parents Magazine too!

How was your weekend?  Any Superhero type events in your life right now?

-Mad Max

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