What is Your Next Stop?: Rodeo Time!

Howdy Family, Friends, and Fans,

What's your NEXT STOP for culture with your family?

What's a big event in your city?  Every city has a big event that many people look forward to each year ... (and often many events).  One big event in Houston is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (if not, the biggest event).

You may remember my first Rodeo last year:
My First Rodeo

And then earlier this month I gave some Mad Style tips for the Rodeo:
Rodeo Shopping Tips for Wee Ones and Tots

Image Credit: Train Wreck Mommy

The Rodeo officially started yesterday, and I am almost ready.  My FIRST Wrangler's from Cavender's arrived as did my Cowboy hat from Cavender's so I'm almost ready.  See my hat above.  What do you think?  I have a big head, so it almost fits perfect.  Please excuse the photo ... I was very cranky, and we were rushing to bedtime (or rather, the Parents were very cranky and rushing me to bedtime!).

Here are some quick tips from Mad Max for your Rodeo experience (before, during, and after) with your Family!  You can also relate these tips to similar events in your city.  Feel free to share back your own ideas.  

Wee Ones and Tots: Visit your local library or bookstore and read baby / toddler books that relate to Texas and / or Farm Animals before your visit.  You can talk about what you might see at the Rodeo that relates to what you are reading (my favorite stop at the Rodeo is the baby animals!).  Once at the Rodeo, point out what you saw in your books you read together (and you can even bring the books with you!), "Remember when we read 1 2 3 Texas and we saw a longhorn?  Look at the REAL longhorn!" (and you can elaborate).

If you have a walking Tot ... I suggest you read up and then explore their Kids Areas and Activities: Kids Country.

Kids: Before you go, I suggest that you read up on the Kids Country to see all of your options, and Mutton Bustin' might be one of the favorites with the kids.  Be sure to expand the experience and talk about the reasons and importance for some of the Rodeo activities with your kids before you see them.  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a great resource.

You can also make your own map prior!  The Rodeo is huge, and sure you can navigate with their maps and such ... but why not make your own Western Map prior?  Your kids can put down the important parts of the Rodeo that they would like to visit.  Here is a great resource you can follow to make your old map: Unplug Your Kids.

Image Credit: Unplug Your Kids

T(w)eens: Mad Max is going to guess that one of their favorite parts of the day may be at the Carnival.  But before you hit the carnival, why not explore all of the great food (unique to our area) prior!  Don't skip the gator, we are Bayou City after all.  As in inspired by the Rodeo's own Foodie Awards, create your own categories and explore the food with your family's taste buds (I suggest you share dishes!).  Make like you have your own Food Network TV show!  You can even create a sheet prior to take your notes, or use your smart phone.

After Your Visit: Be sure to take a lot of photos during the visit!  When was the last time you made a collage of photos with your family by hand (not a scrapbook and not on the computer?) ... Print out a set of the photos, and make a Rodeo collage together.  Have fun with revisiting the memories (ask your kids why it was their favorite memory!), and you can even be creative and make your collage in the shape of a horse or longhorn!

What tips do you have for the Rodeo?

What big events do you look forward to in your city?

-Mad Max


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Mino you completely mad my day in that big 'ol hat of yours!! I love it!!! and I'm loving the new blog look too. kisses from auntie tam!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Auntie Tam, thanks for stopping by! I love my new Cowboy hat. More pics to come soon.

Mad Max

Anonymous said...

Cute kid Im going to tell you what a rodeo is a rodeo is people using animals for money and than killing them for more money spread the word and please please do not support rodeos of aney kind thank you for your support!!!!

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