Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Birthday Wishes

Hello Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your President's Day?

We found some President's Fun on Babble with "The First Kids!"

The Garfields.  Check out those collars!  
(See the link above for more info).

Birthday Shout Outs Today (well, for Presidents Day ... I'm related to the Train Wrecks you know!:

We also have a few important birthday shout outs today (we've had a busy birthday month, starting with Gramby!) ... 

Happy Birthday George Washington!  Enough said.

Happy Birthday "Auntie" Crancer!

Remember this pic from a little over a year ago?  Wow.  If only I could STILL pretend like I am sleeping.  Hah!  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday "Cousin" Bells!

We love you!  We hope you had a great time.

In the spirit of Bella's birthday ... and Tots and Wee Ones, Mad Max will bring you the following:

Image found on Pinterest via Rubenacker on Etsy.

Wouldn't this be grand for a Super Nursery?  I think so.  I am also a fan of the primary colors featured.  It would look great in a Rocket Ship themed nursery or a Boston nursery!

And a Boston Terrier book is a must in your nursery.  May I suggest the following ...

Minerva the Monster via Amazon.  

Bella is quite the sweet (but sneaky) monster (as am I), so this is the perfect fit.

How was your President's Day?  

Any animal birthdays that you are celebrating soon?

Happy Birthday George Washington, Crancer, and Bella!

-Mad Max


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Oh my goodness! Cutest idea for a nursery!! Love the Boston stuff. Great finds, max! You def cheered me up after suffering from the flu all day.

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks Auntie Tam! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Let's vid chat soon. Feel better.

xo Max

Rita said...

Nice blog today, Max! I grew up with my grandma's Boston - my aunt Debbie was a crazy girl! I have had two and half Bostons since thn - Sassafras, Gidget, and my current Boston/chihuahua mix baby girl, Mariposa. Having Boston friend IS GREAT and a Boston nursery for a Super Baby would be so cool! I love the pimary colors, too!

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Auntie Rita! As you know, we love Bostons and dogs. I love the idea of a Boston nursery.

See you soon!
-Mad Max

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