Deep in the Heart of Texas ...

I may be an urban baby and read the New York Times with Mommy, but I'm also a Houstonian ... which means, it's rodeo time, kids (Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo).  I went to my first rodeo with Mommy and Gma and Gpa A.  Save a stroller, ride a horsey!

Here I am above with Gma A and Mommy ... we just arrived to see some of the animals indoors ...and the exhibits.  Mommy was able to walk past the Fried Oreos and Snickers without indulging herself!  Good job, Mommy.

Here I am above being embarrassed by the family.  They are family afterall!  Hah.  Love you.

Mommy's favorite part of the rodeo (besides of course the food) ... are the baby animals.  And you know Mad Max likes anything Super Baby!

Hmm, this looks familiar.  Hey piggies!  Wow, I want a brother or a sister, but that is a little much.  Duggar piggies!

Lambies!  Mad Max loves lambs.  Check out my blogs tagged with Nursery and Lambies to see more.

Black sheep in the family.  Just like me, haha.

Mad Max is a little bit of country ... and a little bit of rock 'n roll.

Look at me on a Longhorn!  Mom, I got this ... no hands!

The Rodeo is also about gettin' yo' grub on.  Mommy and I don't eat meat, but the Super Gs do...

Gpa A ... next year, let's try the Turkey Leg!  I'll try the Tofurkey Leg!

Hey Mommy, Mommy ...can you get us some shrimp with a side of fried stuff?  Daddy isn't here!  I won't tell, promise.

My Mommy and I also really enjoy looking at the Rodeo art from the young learners.  Auntie JCranc, we should do this next year with the Wizards!  Check out the Rodeo art behind us!

Hey, umm ... where is the Super Infant Art section?

Daddy!  Daddy we missed you!  I bet you could have won us lots of prizes at the carnival.  Love you, Daddy!

Here I am a little bit wiped out after the rodeo.  See you next year, Cowgirls!  Mad Max will be in chaps!

-Mad Max


Tamra @walkswithBella said...

whoah!!!! Longhorn, you are brave!

Rita said...

Oh, Max! I wish I had known you were there - I went today, too! Wasn't that the cutest little black lambie? I thought of you when I watched the 6 and 7 year olds muttonbusting (riding lambies) at the rodeo tonight. I thought, "Kids, enjoy your glory while you can! When Mad Max the Super Infant gets ahold of muttonbusting, he will OWN it."

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Thanks for stopping by Auntie Tam and "Auntie" Rita! I hope you enjoyed the Rodeo, Rita! I can't wait to go next year. Will it be too early for muttonbustin'?

-Mad Max

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