The Beginning of Maximino

Yesterday ... was it yesterday?  Or was it Thursday? ... Train Wreck Mommy is rubbing off on me...

Either way, I got to meet my Great Grandma Alcancia.  You know where Mad Max got his name?  My first name (Maximino) is from my (late) Great Grandpa Alcancia - Maximino.  He passed away even before my Mommy was born, but from photos he sure does look like my Gpa A.

Great Grandma Alcancia was a little rusty in holding me, but she did a great job!  I'm sure glad she got to visit

Close up of the star ...

By the way, TW Mommy said I could wear my PJs all day ... I mean after all, it was Friday (okay now I remember)... and she wears hers!

Gpa A brought Great Grandma Alcancia to visit ... he loves me!

-Mad Max

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