Mark Your Calendars: January 7, 2011

I'm beginning to recover from my birthday celebration ... over a week old now.  I'm going to fill you in on Mommy and Daddy's favorite day of all time: my birthday!

I'll start at the very beginning.

As you know, I was originally due 01/01/11, but who wants to be born on a holiday, really?  And being the Super Fetus that I was ... I want my one year old birthday to be on a Saturday, so bam - Mommy was set to be induced on Friday, Jan. 7, 2011.  Done.  But wait, it was all easier said than done.

Here we are above in the Labor and Delivery room ... we were all smiles and fun and games until those ********ing contractions hit us.  Weren't we, Mommy?  (We held out for about 4 hours before we got our pain meds.  We aren't doing that again!)  We were in good company though with our awesome nurses, Daddy, and Grandma and Grandpa Alcancia.  Plus Mommy had her iPhone to distract her ...and Auntie Tam was only a txt or phone call away!

How quickly we fall.  It's okay, Mommy.  I took care of you!  Once Mommy was pumped full of meds to get me out of my house aka womb, my heart beat dropped like a 12 year old's at a Bieber concert.  Therefore, oxygen mask.  My house / womb is lookin' mighty nice though, right?  You look good too, Mommy, ahem.

Check out Daddy ... holding it together for Train Wreck Mommy.  Nothing like your heart beat dropping to get you an awesome cute lambie from Daddy!  I love you, Daddy!  Thank you for my lambie.

This was our second nurse, Karen.  She sure was great!  She helped Mommy push.  If Mommy did a poo poo on herself, she would have cleaned it up ... but I'm sure you didn't do that Mommy!  Ahem.

Just when I'm getting ready for my big exit... or at least... pushing time, here we go again with the oxygen mask.  Despite her smiles, Mommy was scared for me!

Photos are left out of the next part of my story for obvious reasons.  Next came Mommy's pushing for about 1 and 1/2 hrs ... it was no trip to Disneyland that's for sure.  But Mommy and Daddy tried to distract themselves by watching the Rockets.  It felt much like Mommy was trying to cram my head into a root beer bottle, but I didn't have the heart to tell her ... I didn't think my Super Fetus body would fit out this way.  

And that's when the fever set in.  It was all downhill from there for Mommy (until I arrived!) ... since Mommy got a fever, the doc was worried about me (she didn't know I was a Super Fetus).  She also concluded that my Super Fetus head wouldn't fit out of Mommy's Super Tiny Pelvis.  "We are going to have to do a c-section."  That's what I am talking about!  No cone head!  But the doc also said, "because you have a fever... we are going to have to treat Mad Max with meds in case he has an infection.  He'll have to stay in the NICU tonight and possibly through his time here."  

So this meant Mommy wouldn't be able to spend time with me on my birthday night.  Poor Mommy cried and cried.  It's okay, Mommy!  I basically ran the NICU my birthday night!  Just call me Doctor Mad Max.

So fast forward to: Daddy throwing on his doctor scrubs, 10.5 billion doctors and nurses strapping Mommy down, Mommy getting super scared and getting the shakes, Daddy getting the camera ready... and Mommy getting cut in half...and here we go:

Mad Max the Super Infant!  I'll spare you the photos that came prior.  

I'm not looking my best... somewhat bloated... needing a nice shower, etc... but what more would you expect?  My womb house was nice and all, but I wouldn't call it the Four Seasons.

Daddy then left Mommy to follow me and take photos.  Poor Mommy was busy getting put back together, having the shakes, and nearly vomiting on herself.  Sounds like a nice night out on the town (right, Auntie Tam?  Just kidding!)!  At least Mommy was distracted by some sports talk with the doctors.

They call me Mad Max for a reason.  Watch out infant ladies, a bad boy is in the NICU.

Barely out of the womb, and they already want my autograph.  Where is my Agent?

My hero, my Daddy.  I wonder what Mommy is up to?

Here we are ... one happy family!  Poor Train Wreck Mommy... she only got to hold me for about 30 seconds before I went back to the NICU.  I got to spend more time with Daddy and the Grandparents though (Alcancias and Johnsons).  More pics and stories to come from my birth night (including my Super Infant Weight and More!).

-Mad Max... Super Infant... Upgraded from Super Fetus

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