Nude Model Photo Session

It's hard being this ridiculously good looking.  Thanks, Daddy!

Today Grandma A took me and Train Wreck Mommy out of our hobbit den for a trip to my professional nude modeling photo shoot.  You know I had to get my head and body shots!  All the top designers are calling my name ... but Mad is a busy infant.

Here I am in my Super Seat for my first trip out of the hobbit den:

Wow, Mommy ... where am I?  And you know we live in Texas, right?  It wasn't that cold today.  That's okay, Mommy ... I know you are just trying to keep me safe!  Next time though let's try to color coordinate my hat better with my super pacifier.

I'm trying to find my "happy place" since Grandma A is driving on the freeway during rush hour  ... it's not her favorite thing to do, ahem, but needless to say she did a great job!  We survived!!  Train Wreck Mommy can't drive for almost another week since she was cut in half for my birthday.

You will have to stay tuned for photos of my nude modeling session... Mommy wasn't allowed to take photos of my photos ... no distractions while I'm working on my poses!  A few highlights from today:

- I peed on Grandma A 3x!  I love you, Grandma.  Twice at the photo session ... I'm sure Grandpa A is jealous.  I'll get you next time!
-The ladies adored me at the photo session.  I'm filling up my infant black book, quick.
-The ladies adored my hair swirl at the photo session ... thanks Daddy!  I think I got Daddy's hair.
-The ladies gushed over my Shiloh like lips... watch out, Knox... there is a new infant hunk in town!
-The photo ladies loved my Great Grandpa A's doctor bag and other props ... I was named after my Great Grandpa - Maximino!  I don't know if I've mentioned, but I also have my Daddy's middle name as my middle name: Stafford.
-Train Wreck Mommy wanted to cry because she thought my pics and poses were so cute ... she'll stop crying when I start bringing in all that Gucci modeling money!
-And one of the biggest highlights... the ladies said I was their strongest infant ever ... let's not doubt my Super Infant Strength!  They called me "Iron Man Max..."  Mommy said I am going to be a kicker for the Texans, but I'm thinking a linebacker instead.  Thanks Daddy for giving me Super Strength!

-Mad Max

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