My Cord ... My Life Source ...

Dear Cord,

We had a really good run together ... 9 months plus you took care of me and fed me all kinds of tasty treats.  My house / womb / Thunderdome (thanks "Auntie" LARsies) wouldn't have been the same without you!  I know things ended not so ideal ... you wrapped around my neck as I left my original house, I know it was a sad goodbye!  But I was outgrowing my house.  And I know you didn't want to be cut, but I had to move on to air!

And thanks for hanging out for another 11 days with me.  We had fun in our new house!  Getting freshened up with alcohol on you ... avoiding those scary diapers ... scratching Daddy's chest when we did skin to skin bonding ... but tonight I saw it was time for you to let go of me.  I need to move on to be a bigger infant now!  I'm sure Mommy will find a proper place for you.  Mad Max loves you, Cord.

xo Mad Max

1st Pic: My lonely cord.  2nd Pic: My lonely cord with other objects so you can see the size of a Super Cord.  I still have some weird stuff in my Belly Button that Mommy will have to address.  Thanks, Mommy!

Mommy was there to witness my cord moving on.  She had a feeling it was going to be gone soon.  It looked fragile tonight.  Then fell off... I was screaming bloody murder of course... can you imagine something falling off of your body??  Daddy missed the whole thing!  He was sleeping.  But not to worry of course, Mommy saved it for him.

-Mad Max

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