It's All Downhill When You Pee On Your Face ...

I meant to blog more yesterday, but please see the title of this blog.  I was having a pretty good day yesterday, but then ... I peed on my face!  What a way to ruin a perfectly good afternoon.  Let me start with the good ...

First, I got to wear my first pair of Super Big Boy Pants because my cord fell off the night before.  I look fly ... I look good!  I'm just like Daddy!

Close up of me ... Iron Man Mad Max.

Check out my Super Big Boy Pants!  I guess you can't really tell since I'm in my Super Swing.  But they are pants.  I swear!  No body suit here.

Then I had a fun visitor at lunchtime.  "Auntie" Sandy came to visit.  She brought us lunch, and she brought me a super cool frame and kit to do my footprints.  Everyone must love my monkey toes!  They are always wanting prints of my feet.  Thank you, "Auntie" Sandy!

Then ... just when you think the day can't get any better... bam, you are on your Poo Poo and Pee Pee table... Mommy is changing you, and you accidently pee on your face.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  After that... the day just took a turn for the worst.  I couldn't fall asleep for my afternoon naps.

So you'd think I'd be tired last night and fall asleep easily?  Well, don't jump to any conclusions.  Last night, as Mommy would say = Train Wreck.  I'm sorry, Mommy!  Let's nap a lot today, okay?

-Mad Max

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