Love and Rock 'n Roll ...

I received a surprise in the mail today!!  Much needed after two crazy days with Train Wreck Mommy sleep training me.  Love you, Mommy.

"Auntie" Jax and "Uncle" Jeff sent me an awesome Swaddle suit and some organic onesies from Giggle.  I'm sure Train Wreck (TW) Mommy loves the packaging!  Check it out.  Thank you Jax and Jeff.  I hope you come visit soon from NYC!  Or I hope I get to go to NYC soon.  Mad Max is ready to hit the Hamptons this summer.

Today I wore my monkey and dot outfit from "Auntie" Brownie.  I didn't do so well with my activity times so far today, but don't tell Mommy I was hittin' the clubs on Washington last night.  Mad Max is tired.

Look at me!  Hey ladies, you made Mad Max a tired Super Infant today.

I also need to show you that my Super Rocker finally arrived!  Gpa A and Daddy went to pick it up this past Saturday.  It's perfect, isn't it Mommy?  I think it needs more of my spit up to be complete though.  Sometimes I just fly right out of my bed to lay in my rocker.  Seriously.

Hey, Cowie .... what are you looking at?  This is Mad's chair.  Love you, Cowie.

-Super Mad Max


Tamra said...

Max loves his Great Grandma L's blankies too!!!! Ohh Max you are so adorable, I am counting down the days till i get to kiss you all over!!! Big Red Lipsticks from Auntie Tam!!! Love you you so much.

Max Stafford Johnson said...

Good point, Auntie Tam. I will tag her. I can't wait to kiss you too (and spit up, and pee, and poo on you!). xo MM

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