Fan Club at the Hospital

Mad Max lovesssss visitors!  I really loved my hospital visitors and any extra special attention I got during my stay.  You know, being born isn't an easy task ... right, Mommy?

Here is the sign on my hospital room door...all of my visitors got to sign it!

"Auntie" Alicen was my first non-Family Member visitor.  Thanks for coming, and thanks for the Sprinkles cupcakes, Alicen!  Cupcakes are always welcome, says Mommy.

My hospital stay wouldn't have been the same without a visit from "Auntie" Jessicana.  Thanks for the flowers, Auntie J!

I also had a lot of train wreck visitors from my school, YES Prep SE.  This is me with JCranc.  How are you holding up w/o me "Auntie" JCranc?  Thanks for bringing me a flower.  Mommy and I are enjoying it in her room now.

Here I am being held by "Auntie" LAR / LARsies!  I miss you, "Auntie" LAR!  You keep Train Wreck Mommy in check (don't worry, I'm keeping her in check now).

Here I am with Wizard Norma!  Thanks for coming to visit and bringing us such a nice plant.  We are now enjoying it in Mommy's room... which is nice because we are trapped inside.  Mommy, when can we go outside?  Come visit again soon, "Auntie" Norma.

Here we are.. me, Mommy, the Wizards, and "Auntie" Jessicana.  Train Wreck Mommy!  Take a shower, please... oh wait, they wouldn't let you shower yet.  Sorry, Mommy.

Here I am with "Auntie" Brownie.  She brought me a cute monkey outfit, thank you!  I'll have to remind Train Wreck Mommy to take a picture of me in it.

Here I am with "Uncle" Matt and Daddy.  You may remember him from a previous blog post.  He already came to see me at home too!  Come visit again soon.

Daddy's Uncle Dudley and Aunt Maggie came to visit.  Aunt Maggie and I are birthday twins!  MJ and MJ!

I love you, Aunt Maggie.  Don't we have the best birthdays, ever?

And of course a big thank you to my #1 visitors - both sets of Grandparents!  They came to see me almost everyday I think.  They also helped Train Wreck Mommy and Lacking Sleep Daddy.

And here are my pretty flowers from my visitors, and from Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael and from "Auntie" Eek and Family.  Thank you!  Mad Max feels loved by his fans.

-Mad Max

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