TMZ at my Birth

So flashback two weeks ...

After I was born it was like TMZ at the hospital!  (You are not surprised, are you?) ... Everyone wants a piece of Mad.

Here is Gpa A getting his first glance at me, the birthday boy, Mad Max... Did I already mention that he rushed down the hall ahead of the other Grandparents to see me F1RST?  I think I did... or maybe Mommy mentioned that on her Facebook page.

TMZ Grandparents.  Where are my body guards?  Daddy!?  Mommy?!  Had anyone talked to my Manager or Agent about permission to take and use these photos?

Wow, look at me!  What a difference two weeks makes.  Have you seen what I look like recently?  Of course I weighed almost 8 lbs ... look at that face!  Mommy had tree trunk legs, and I had a watermelon face!  No wonder people thought I looked asian.

My stats, yo.

My super sad face.  I get that from my Mommy.

Here's Daddy with me the night I was born .. checking to make sure everything was a-okay!  Poor Mommy couldn't see me the night I was born.  I missed you, Mommy!!

Mommy loves this picture (despite my appearance ... cut Mad Max a break .. I just came out of my house / womb!) ... I can hold my pacifier straight out of the womb.  In fact, I was practicing holding and kicking things in the womb.  I'm going to be a professional athlete after all!

Finally, I am going to end this posting with my monkey toes.  I get those from my Daddy.  Ignore the black ink ... everyone wants a piece of my foot autograph!  The whole time I was a fetus ... Mommy said to Daddy "oh no, what if he gets your monkey toes!"... I was just giggling in my house / womb because I already knew I had Daddy's monkey toes.  I love you, Daddy.

-Mad Max

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Tamra said...

I can't wait to bite your little monkey toes!! xx- auntie tam

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