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I know I still have much to fill you in on about my birth and life leading up to today ... but Mommy is organizing some photos from Grandpa Alcancia ... so I am waiting on that (and you know he took 10.5 billion of me).  Speaking of Grandpa Alcancia, Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa A!  Mad Max loves and misses you.  Come visit soon!

In the meantime, I've been enjoying many visitors while Train Wreck Mommy and I are having cabin fever in my new home.  (By the way, tomorrow will be our first time to leave since the hospital!  I have my nude modeling photo shoot tomorrow.  And no, it's not for Playbaby.  It's with Erin Carlyle Photography.)

Matt, Daddy's friend since nearly the womb, came to visit me.  He said I will soon have what is growing on his face.  Watch out infant ladies!  I like Matt... we have almost similar hair on top of our head.  Come visit again soon, "Uncle" Matt.

Here I am with "Uncle" Timmy.  He's also one of Daddy's childhood friends... and Auntie Tam's childhood friend.  Mommy tells me that's how she met Daddy.  Thanks Timmy!  Timmy lives right down the road in Sawyer Heights too.  I think he said he would babysit anytime.  Or maybe he said we could hit up the bars on Washington anytime.  Either way,  I'm down.  Bottle service only, please.

Daddy's friends Bryan and Johanna also came to visit.  "Uncle" Bryan also grew up with Daddy.  They brought me lots of nice clothes and bath items.  Thank you!  In return, I had to show them my "Blue Steel" look.  It's hard being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.  Mommy will have to try to catch a photo of my look sometime.

Mommy's friend Brownie came to visit today!  "Auntie" Brownie (Marjorie) works with me and Mommy at YES Prep.  She said the place was a train wreck without me... although I'm sure JCranc is doing a good job keeping the art students in check.  Brownie!  Don't forget the tacos next time.  Hold the beans, it gives me a tummy ache.

Mommy's friend Ashley also came to visit today.  She's Mommy's friend from childhood, but we also all work at YES Prep together.  "Auntie" Ashley and I had a great time during "Activity Time."  I heard she's an old pro at Activity Time.  I also heard she has some daughters I will meet someday.  Watch out, Mad Max is a ladies man!

"Auntie" Ashley brought me an awesome learning toy.  Thank you!  She said it's for when I get older.  Umm, I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm very advanced, and I'm going to use it in my crib tonight!  By the way, check out my Converse kicks (socks) from Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael.  I'm just like Daddy!  I'm also wearing my Rockets onesie from Daddy.  Now that Yao is out for the season, my phone has been ringing off the hook.  Hey guys, I would love to join the team, but I must keep Mommy company during her maternity leave.

My Johnson relatives also came to visit today.  Auntie Dana, Cousin Corryn ... and hiding baby Cousin Rilyn, and Grandma Johnson.  They sure were excited to see me.  Well, do you blame them?  I don't think I'll get their blonde hair, but I'll see what they can do at my salon.

-Mad Max


Bonnie Bee said...

Dear Mad Max-
I have some pesky 9th graders that need a kick in the butt with your converse clad feet. Can you take care of that for me? The Wizards really miss you and Mommy... We hope that you can visit us soon.

Max Stafford Johnson said...

Ohh, it's always this HS kids I have to straighten out! We miss you too! Train Wreck Mommy said I can't come visit until at least 6 weeks or more... possibly after my 2 months shots. She said I have to be careful of the bad, bad germs since I no longer have my super Thunderdome house to protect me. I can't wait for my visit!

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