Hey Ladies ... Mad Max is Two Weeks Old Today!

It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since this train wreck of IDs and Medicine ...

These are all of our (mine, Mommy's, Daddy's) medical bracelets and such from the hospital.  Mommy's favorite one for herself was the yellow "FALL RISK..."  Hah!  Mommy you need that on a daily basis.  I think she's going to wear it when she goes back to work even though she put them all in my Super Baby Memory Box.  Given that it's my 2 week birthday, I think it's a perfect time to wrap up my blog postings on my hospital stay, so I will work on those today.

This morning Mommy said to Daddy ... "do you know what today is!"... Daddy said "Max's 2 Week Birthday... but we can't keep celebrating every Friday...." way to rain on my parade, Daddy!  That's okay, I still love you.  I wonder what is in the works for my 1 month Birthday!  Sometimes Mommy cries when she thinks of me growing out of my newborn stage... but at the same time, she is secretly planning my 1st Year Birthday already ... = Train Wreck!

In other news ... Mommy put me in another pair of big boy pants today ... yesterday Daddy said my big boy pants looked like thug pants because they were too big.  I think I get my skinny legs from, Daddy.  We all know Mommy has those tree trunks for legs!  Love you, Mommy.

We had a great time during activity time today ...

Auntie Tam!  Can you see my asian eye and white eye?  I think you need to talk to me about this when I see you in Feb.  Ignore my milk droppings ... a growing boy has to eat.  No one ever said I was a neat eater.

Check me out checkin' out my activity gym.  I got two awesome gyms.  One from Uncle Caesar and Family ... well, he is Mommy's Uncle... so does that make him my Great Uncle?  And I got this activity gym from "Auntie" Eek's parents.  Thank you!  And check out my new rug in my nursery.  Thank you Gma and Gpa Johnson!

And I know all the ladies are checking out my army pants ... nothing like a Super Baby in uniform to get the attention of the ladies.  I got these from my Auntie Dana and Family.

Daddy, come home soon from work!  We can have activity time.

-Mad Max

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