Mad Max is now weighing in at ...

Train Wreck Mommy, Daddy, and I got to leave the house today ... for my first doctor's appointment.  I wore a pimp outfit from Mommy's friend "Auntie" Tiffany, but I managed to poo up my back later that afternoon ...let's not talk about that though.  When a Super Infant has to go .... he has to go, okay?

Here I am with Daddy at my doctor's appointment.  Daddy had to strip me down to almost my diaper... whoa, whoa, whoa... now I know how Mommy felt at her doctor appointments.

Mommy found my doctor through her friend "Auntie" Ashley.  Thanks, "Auntie" Ashley!  She sure was nice.

So this will probably send the ladies into a line around the block ...but Mad Max is now weighing in at ...

As you may remember, I started at 7 lbs 15.9 oz.  The doctor even asked Train Wreck Mommy if she was feeding me Half and Half ... I'm just a growing boy, you know!

Not only that, but I am 2 inches longer.  2 inches closer to being the Texans kicker next season!

Here I am after my examination.  The doc said I am ready to take a Super Big Boy bath on Wednesday.  Finally!  The ladies like a fresh smellin' Mad Max.  She also said Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy should put me on a sleep schedule with sleep training this week.  What!  Sleep at night??  This is Mad Max you are talking about.  But then I figured this training schedule would be good preparation for the Texans Training Camp.

-Mad Max
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