The Hospital Can't Handle Me Right Now ...

Okay, this is my last hospital blog posting ... I'm a busy Super Infant ... so many stories!  So little time.

Here is what Daddy and I did a lot of in the hospital ... I want to be just like Daddy!  I even did lots of crying and explosive poos like Daddy... just kidding (that it was like Daddy).

Here is the Lambie my Daddy got me on my birthday!  Here is the hospital cake the hospital gave me.  Dad said we shouldn't eat it - poison!  Daddy wants me to be a Super Vegan... Train Wreck Mommy and I are trying (I can't get her to quit her non-vegan dessert habit yet!).

Here is our hospital room before we left to go home.  It wasn't 5 Star Resort Beach Front View or anything ... but we were pretty comfortable.

Here I am getting dressed by Gma A in my "take home outfit" ... I look thrilled, don't I? Why can't I leave wearing what I wore into the hospital?  Nothing but Mad Max!

See above.  Train Wreck Mommy loves me!  She even showered that day, hah!  Not such a Train Wreck after all.  Just teasing you, Mommy.

The happy family, and me, the Super Infant in a DRESS.  Kidding, Mom.

Bye hospital!

See above.  Mommy was not joking about her tree trunk legs.  Wow.  Good thing those went away already, right Mommy?  Maybe our trips to Target will be walking trips.

How many Super Parents does it take to put a Super Infant into a Super Seat?  That is the question.

-Mad Max

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